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How do you create sacred space and what tools can you use? by Lynn Solang Smith

The creation of sacred space is a way in which we move our awareness and attention from the everyday world to one in which we are honouring the Divine in a conscious way. This honouring can be done very simply, or we can turn it into a ritual or ceremony that has significance for us personally, as community or group, or as a culture and spiritual practice. Cultures across the millennia from all the places on Earth have evolved their own ways of honouring the sacred within life and ourselves. Often this includes honouring the sacred directions and follows the path of the sun, moon and stars in the heavens. Sacred space can be our personal way of praying and communing with Goddess/Great Spirit, it can be a way of stepping out of life’s busy-ness and becoming quiet and still to honour oneself and this Mother Earth we live on.

In its simplest form, creating sacred space can be achieved by holding the heart intent to have a moment to commune with the Divine, focussing on one’s breath to still and quieten the mind, then saying aloud or silently some form of prayer for whatever purpose we might have .. or to simply honour the place in nature that we are enjoying.

Typically the sacred space is delineated by a circle which can also be visualised as a sphere of energy where we invite in, or invoke, the living energy presence of certain types of BEings and energies to be with us to create a sanctuary which is holy and sacred. As most cultures hold the circle as representing a safe and sacred container that ‘holds’ energy, the circle as sacred space can be found in use in the majority of Indigenous, shamanic and pagan paths.

This circle can be created in numerous ways including using cornmeal – which is sacred to Indigenous cultures of North and South America – to ‘trace’ or outline the area that will ‘hold’ or contain the energy space for prayer, ritual and/or ceremony. Another way is to use stones to mark the sacred directions and/or borders such as the Bighorn Medicine Wheel in the USA or Stonehenge in England. Crystals, poles or staffs, a line traced on the earth or lengths of cord or coloured cloth are other ways of making a physical circle … some folk use salt, others holy water.

When I am honouring the ways of my Native American teachers [Cherokee and Apache], I will smudge myself and those I’m sharing the circle with, using sacred herbs like sage, sweetgrass, tobacco and/or cedar, or palo santo.

For drumming circles, we always smudge, then we create the circle marking the boundaries and the sacred direction with stones and/or candles [in the appropriate colour for each direction – Yellow = East, Red = North, Black = West and White = South]. Usually we have 4 people who agree to hold the space for one of the 4 cardinal directions of East, North, West and South, plus 4 other of us who will hold space for As Above [the Upper Realms], So Below [the Lower Realms], As within [us], so Without [all beings/ all life/all of creation]. Each person will hold a candle representing their direction, and they are responsible for lighting it at the start of the ceremony and keeping it lit throughout, then extinguishing it at the conclusion of the ceremony.

As we live in the Southern Hemisphere – where the sun moves from the East to the North, to the West – I caste circle anti-clockwise. That is, I choose to create my circle space following and honouring the path of the sun in our Southern skies.

When I was in the UK in time for their Autumn Equinox in 2000, and wanted to celebrate the season, I found I had to go with the path of the sun as it moves there: from East to South to West, or clockwise. It felt very different to do this and yet the Goddess within me knew I had to honour what my body was showing me to naturally honour and do … I did try to go my usual anti-clockwise way, however it simply didn’t feel right to me. I honoured the land I was in and followed it’s natural way and this worked.

In the ways that I create sacred space, what is planned in the creation of that ‘place out of time’ will also be influenced by what we are doing – what our purpose is. For instance, when I did the Sacred Long Dance with PaahPooh [Hopi/ Tewa] and Greywolf [an Inupiat Elder who’s now crossed over] our preparations included a fast prior to participating in an Inipi [or purification lodge] before we did the actual dance ceremony. We did this to cleanse or purify ourselves in heart mind body and soul, and then we also worked together to help create the dance arbor where the ceremony was held as ceremony is a community event and the space is made sacred by all who attend helping to create the circle since we are all a part of the great Wheel of Life.

Setting our heart intent for the purpose of the ceremony is a very important aspect in our preparations. Equally as important is honouring the Sacred BEings of the Directions and Great Spirt and the Great Star Nations, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun and Sky Father. I also pay my respects to the Creator BEing of Australia, Baiame the Rainbow Serpent, and the Aboriginal folk whose country we are holding ceremony on. In my heart, this is respectful and the right way to honour those who came before and still are here today – the original custodians of Australia.

When I am holding a ceremony or ritual to honour the Goddess, the Solstices or Equinoxes &/ or for Drumming Ceremonies or Rites of Passage, the folk who are joining me will assist in co-creating the sacred space. Always this includes smudging everyone and all our medicine tools like rattles, drums and so on, and all of us walking in through the ‘East Gate’ and then moving anti-clockwise around the space to co-create the circle we will work within. Sometimes we sprinkle cornmeal as we walk, other times we may use stones and/or candles only with our actual walking of the circle being the ‘marking’ of it.

Before we begin whatever else we are going to do, we always honour Baiame and the Aboriginal Ancestors of this country we live in. Once this is done, then we call in the Guardian Beings and elementals of the 8 directions to watch over and work with us. For those following Goddess pathways, we will typically also purify ourselves with sacred smoke and our scent/oils to honour the Goddess before we begin to create our sacred space. Usually this sacred space is a circle although sometimes I use a spiral and other times a labyrinth … which encourage us to move into and out of ourselves and sacred communion with the Goddess/Divine. My heart intent, indeed the heart intent of all who work in sacred space and ceremony is an essential, key ingredient in the creation of this place within which we are literally on holy ground.

In the notes below, I am sharing some of the ways that I create sacred space in the ceremonies that I hold so that you have an idea of how you may create your own sacred space and ceremony.

Please remember to always be mindful of where you are, and to leave the place you’re working in clean and tidy, if you are ‘out bush’ then leave the land looking like it did before you started by putting any stones and/or sticks etc back where you found them. This is respectful.

Above all, remember to create your sacred space in ways which feel right in your heart, which honour the Divine in ALL things, all beings and to remember, if your heart intent is right, then your sacred space, whether its personal or communal will feel good for you and those who share it with you .. sacred space is about being in harmony and peace with the Divine so please find your unique beautiful way to enjoy it .. Bless-ed Be!

Blessings Lynn Solang Smith, BCA, Grad Dip Ed, Dip Body Psychotherapy, Cert Holistic Counsellor, Munay-ki Rites Teacher.

Mobile: 0421 864 909




I Walk In Beauty [a Navajo greeting made to Grandfather Sun each morning, in the Native American way ~ as you say the words out loud, feel the Truth and Energy of them in your Heart]

[stand facing East, arms wide, palms up facing the Sun]

‘I walk in Beauty to the Direction of the Rising Sun’

[now slowly turn to your left, following the path of the Sun across the sky

‘I walk in Beauty to the Direction following the Sun’

[stand facing the West, arms wide and palms facing the Sun]

‘I walk in Beauty to the Direction of the Setting Sun’

[then slowly turn to your left once more til you are again standing in the East]

‘All around me my land is Beauty, I walk in Beauty’.


Salute to the Sun – an Ancient Egyptian greeting to the Sun, usually made at sunrise or upon rising each day:

Stand facing the East spending a few moments really feeling the energy and power of the Sun’s light filling you to overflowing, as the energy of Mother Earth also rises up to greet you through your feet. Breathe in deeply and fully of these energies and feel your Spirit begin to lift and soar as you do so.

To begin the ritual of Saluting the Sun, gently bend at the knees, keeping your back straight and allow yourself to ‘scoop up’ the energies of both Gaia [the Earth Mother] and Ra [the Sun God] and ‘bathe’ yourself in the energies of light by allowing them to flow up over your body, head and shoulders, breathing in deeply and fully as you do so.

Repeat this action 2 more times, and each time feel the power of the energy, healing, cleansing and nourishing you as you draw it into you.

On the 4th time of scooping up the energy – Saluting the Sun – bring the energy to your heart then give it back to every being on Mother Earth by ‘sprinkling’ it out from you as a blessing and salutation in gratitude for all that you have and your recognition of the interconnection between all BEings – we are All ONE.

Now go about your day in peace love and Beauty …………


To Caste a sacred Circle – create sacred space – for personal/public ceremony, at home for meditation or ritual for the Southern Hemisphere by Lynn Solang Smith:

Stand in the direction of the East and spend a few moments gathering your energy and breathing deeply as you contemplate what it is you are about to do – that is, set your intent and begin focusing your energy …………

When you feel you’re ready to begin, spread your arms wide, & with your hands palm up, say out aloud:

I call upon the Grandmothers, Guardians and Elementals of the East, Wanbli the Eagle, Water, the Merfolk, the Whales and Dolphins ~ the Place of Intuition and Beauty, All those who come in love and light be welcome in my/our circle.

[Stop a moment and ‘feel’ them come in, then make a quarter turn to your left, you will then be facing North]

I call upon the Grandmothers, Guardians and Elementals of the North, Fire and the Dragons ~ the Place of Power and Passion, Tatanka [bison], All those who come in love and light be welcome in my/our circle

[Stop a moment and ‘feel’ them come in, then make a quarter turn to your left, you will then be facing West]

I call upon the Grandmothers, Guardians and Elementals of the West, Earth and Mato/Bear, ~ the Place of Strength & Stability, All those who come in love and light be welcome in my/our circle

[Stop a moment and ‘feel’ them come in, then make a quarter turn to your left, you will then be facing South]

I call upon the Grandmothers, Guardians and Elementals of the South, Air and Migaloo the White Whale ~ the Place of Wisdom & Knowledge, All those who come in love and light be welcome in my/our circle

[Stop a moment and ‘feel’ them come in, then make a quarter turn to your left, now you will be facing East once more]

Now invoke [‘call in’] the Goddess/God/Spirit and invite Her/Him/It/Them to join you, looking up to the Great Star Nations as you do so,

Then feeling Mother Earth beneath your feet, invite Her to also join you.

You are now ready to begin your ceremony or ritual ………….

N.B.: depending on the path or tradition you follow, you may like to smudge the circle with White Sage/Eucalyptus leaves etc, lay a circle in cornmeal or sand or salt by grabbing a good handful of whatever you have chosen and allowing it to trickle through your fingers as you ‘walk the circle’, and/or place stones, candles etc to mark the sacred space you are in.

©Lynn Solang Smith, 2006-2015

N.B.: depending on the path or tradition you follow, you may like to smudge the circle with White Sage/Eucalyptus leaves etc, lay a circle in cornmeal or sand or salt by grabbing a good handful of whatever you have chosen and allowing it to trickle through your fingers as you ‘walk the circle’, and/or place stones, candles etc to mark the sacred space you are in.

Becoming YOGA – Your Own Guru Always

Who can guide your enlightenment now? by Lynn Solang Smith

If you really want to know who can best help & guide you on your journey into awakening / enlightenment then go take a look in your mirror .. cause YOU are:

Yoga = your own guru always. Yes truly.

My name is Lynn Solang and I live in Australia – this sacred and ancient land which was once a part of the ancient continent of Lemuria. I consciously know and feel the links to Lemuria, to Star Beings, Elementals, crystals and to the pull of the energy of this land both as spiritual being in human form, and as a Golden StarSeed. For me, my journey with Goddess has been a spiralling labyrinth pathway into and out of, and into and out of, me. Specifically I’ve learnt to recognise and work with what ‘sits’ or ‘feels right’ for me and my spiritual journey and what doesn’t resonate.

Being a golden starseed basically means that I am ‘seeded’ or have come through from another dimension to help sew and grow the golden light energy of pure love upon the Earth at this time]. It’s not as ‘big’ or as ‘pretentious’ as it may sound .. it means that part of my spiritual role in this human life is to consciously anchor golden heartlight energy in myself and through me to others who feel a similar energy connection and heart knowingness. It does NOT mean that I wish to be placed on a pedestal or that I believe I’m better than anyone else here – I don’t. I am simply one conscious channel for Her lovelight to flow through – and many others across the Earth are also answering this call from their spirit to awaken to their inner unique aspects of the Divine too.

As we move deeper into the long prophesied Golden Age which heralded a return to ‘owning’ our inner divine authority and autonomy, many women and increasingly more men are noticing within themselves the intensifying presence of an essentially gentle yet nevertheless compelling energy that is kind of familiar. For some it has always been known, acknowledged and consciously worked with. For others the awareness has been a slower conscious awakening of their spirit via the spirit in human form journey. Yet all who have noticed and are responding to this ‘new’ energy recognize it for what it truly is: the reawakening and re-emergence of the Divine Feminine or as some would say, the Christed Feminine. This energy has actually always been present throughout Creation across the Universes, including in other dimensional realities. However, it’s been suppressed for millennia on Earth. This energy is the Divine Feminine and it’s an integral part of my journey this Earthwalk.

As more of us are remembering and awakening to who and what we are I would like to share with you some of the things which have been happening to me over the past 18 years or so because they seem linked to what others are experiencing in their own lives. As is being shown to me in different ways, it is now time to exchange our stories and memories. In my own journey, it has been in the sharing of stories that something bigger than I could have dreamed was sparked within me. I have felt a gentle nudge to share the messages and visions I have received and know that the time is right now, for me to reveal some of my story and these sacred messages with you.

To give you a little bit of a background, in the 2000-2001 Christmas/New Year holidays I was staying with friends in Brisbane when things really started ‘firing up’ for me spiritually in more overtly conscious and physical ways. One of these momentous events was ‘given’ through a powerful visual meditation. I ‘heard’ and was shown by my Divine helpers that what I was ‘seeing’ and was guided to draw was a very sacred symbol for the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton. It was clearly explained to me at the time that what we had previously believed to be his full symbol was in fact only a part of it. I was guided to draw this symbol in gold – the energy which I associate with being that of the highest purest unconditional lovelight energy of the Universe. I shared that symbol with few folk at the time just honouring and trusting what had come through without feeling a desire to share the symbol more widely. What I didn’t know then was that this was a ‘nudge’ from the Great Mystery/Spirit to move me along on my journey of remembering.

As you can probably imagine I was pretty amazed when Akhenaton’s full symbol came through. What happened on the 5th of April, 2003 though [which I believe was ‘sparked’ by what happened in 2001, really astonished me. What has since been revealed to me is that I carry the Christed or Divine Feminine energy and that the energy or Being represented has a name – She calls Herself The Magdalen. When she incarnated on Earth, she was Yeshua/Christ’s wife [his Divine Feminine counterpart and equal]. She is commonly known to most folk as Mary Magdalene. When I first received the messages about Her, She let me know very clearly that She is the unacknowledged Ascended Master and that Her time had come. The name She gave me to call Her by is Chiarkenay-ah [pronounced Sheearr-ken-ay-arh]. As I’ve continued to work with Her over the years I’ve found that sometimes the Her energy is very strong and at other times very gentle and nurturing. And Her love is truly all-embracing.

The Magdalen has shown me in numerous ways that I am one of the beings on Earth who bring Her energy through. She has also given me Her sacred symbol which is linked to the one I was originally guided to draw for Akhenaton. When Her symbol came through I was at the same friend’s house where I’d previously been given Akhenaton’s symbol. This time I was sitting outside in front of a large wall panel featuring him!

I was first guided to close my eyes and to look up at the sun until the colours all disappeared and I was only seeing white light behind my eyelids. Then I was guided to open my eyes and look all around me – everything was suffused with a beautiful turquoise light which seemed to break down the distinctions between plants, trees, sky, the Earth Mother and me. We all blended and blurred and became ONE. I looked around in awe and amazement I was just so full of love and joy and peace.

I was then ‘asked’ to look at the Akhenaton panel once more and as I did his symbol as I had originally been given it sort of floated down in front of my eyes. As I watched – it was kind of like watching a movie on t.v. – the symbols started to rearrange themselves and formed a new pattern – I was told that this was the true symbol for the Christ one and it featured the Star of David. The symbols then rearranged themselves again and this time what I was given was Chiarkenay-ah’s symbol, or the symbol for the Christed Feminine. I have drawn these for you so that you can not only see what they look like, but also so you can follow the chronological progression in which they came through. What has also been shown to me is that Chiarkenay-ah, or the Magdalene, comes in on the 13th ray which is the colour of white gold or silvery gold. She is the culmination or marriage of the masculine and the feminine. [** see symbol from my journal page above].

Given that I have always felt a great affinity with Egyptian, Celtic, Native and South American and Aboriginal and other Indigenous cultures, Chiarkenay-ah’s gift was a surprise. ‘Why?’. Simply because for many years I have felt little or no resonance with Christianity / Christian Churches, or organized religions generally and how they practice, particularly the ways in which the Divine Feminine and women/girls have been so treated and denigrated.

Previously, if I had to define my spiritual/religious leanings I would have said that I am a spiritual pagan one who feels a great love and affinity for and with the Goddesses and Gods, the Star Beings and the Earth Mother. I had in my early years and my teens tried the christian church and for whatever reasons it never really ‘clicked’ with me yet I knew there was ‘truth’ in there somewhere. That said, I love and honour Yeshua as a great teacher/healer however, for me, the Goddess/ Great Mystery, Mother Earth, the Shining Beings of the Earth plane and the Star Beings beyond have a much greater pull on my heart and spirit than the Divine Masculine. I have since made my ‘peace’ with the Divine Masculine and as I’ve shared above, I hold Yeshua in the highest regard and love.

My mother once told me that I had ‘always been a funny little spiritual thing’ because of my wanting to know so much and asking lots of questions about God and the Divine and life on other planets and in other star systems and other realms from my earliest years. Since I love reading and in my younger years as there were no teachers who could answer my queries, I turned to books written by all kinds of folk in all kinds of genres and various spiritual practices to explore what was on offer. My curiosity and desire to explore in this way really gave me some great understanding.

I explored my inner and outer world. This included my dreams, visions, my past life memories and connections with other cultures on Earth & my knowingness of myself as coming from the stars & having Star BEing allies or friends – so these were some of my first guides that really touched my heart and opened my awareness.

In my everyday life, I have worked with physical teachers, and many more from other dimensions and realms. A couple of my human teachers were really tough learning curves for me as I hadn’t listened to my inner ‘radar’ / intuition about them and their lack of heart integrity and walking their talk. Fortunately there were also others who were truly heart centred and didn’t assume ‘holier than thou’ / ‘I’ve done more workshops/courses than you’ type attitudes. From these folk I learnt to explore within me to work out what I was passionate and juicey about and really loved, and what made feel uncomfortable/unwell because I wasn’t honouring myself and saying thanks but no thanks.

For me, the best teachers are those who are heart-centred, don’t pretend to have all the answers or to know it all. They are real, authentic and don’t say one thing whilst they act from another hypocritical and/or judgemental place.

This inevitably meant that I am led back to tuning in .. going within me … and asking my higher self whom or what should I follow.

For me, this is the Goddess – She who came to me when I wanted to get my baby son blessed by the Divine. After a very judgemental conversation from a religious minister whom I thought would practice ‘non-judgement’ I quickly realised how mistaken I was in putting any trust into this person. So I asked for help from the Divine and I heard very clearly, very loudly this powerful feminine voice whom I instantly ‘knew/recognised’ as Goddess. She invited me to show my son to Her at the next Full Moon and She would bless him .. so I did and She certainly blessed him for me.

The more I work with Her, which means that I ‘talk’ with Her every day, about anything and everything, the deeper I know and understand that She is me … and I am Her .. albeit one tiny diamond aspect of Her. And so are YOU!

We are all Divine and our journey is about remembering this. And owning it and living it in our own unique – to us – ways. If you’re following your heart truth, even when the path/life feels bumpy as we go through some transition or other, or shift in awareness, then you’re following and accessing your divine self and being true to you.

In addition to working with Goddess, I work with BEings from the Stars including the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturius and others .. AND BEings from different realms of the Earth like the Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit/Ether. My guides included Elohim angelic BEings and Spirit guides who appear in human spirit form. Sometimes my guides are pure Light Energy and/or Sound.

And yes you too can access these BEings by inviting the most benevolent ones .. ones who resonate with the Christ Consciousness level or higher to connect with you. Then pay attention to what’s going on within and around you, to your dreams, visions, insights etc. Sometimes our guides have been trying to get our attention for ages and they haven’t been able to approach us due to our having ignored their various attempts to get our attention. Yes, it can be that easy & simple. At other times it may be because of our having the right – under Universal Laws – to our own autonomy that our guides haven’t been connecting with us. So invite them to be with you and then know/feel/hear/see who comes through. Please allow your higher sensory gifts to guide you with this recognition .. and remember that seeing is not necessarily believing as our other gifts are often far deeper and more powerful.

I say this mindfully and heartfully as we should never just assume that those who appear to us are benevolent unless you can really deeply feel this within your divine conscious awareness.

You have the Universal Right to always ask whomever appears to you to confirm with you of their true intent by asking them to say that they are of the Christ Consciousness level or higher. If they’re unable to do so it’s because they’re trickster beings who can imitate shining ones and they are not. These trickster energies cannot abide the Christ Consciousness and higher levels of vibration and light/sound so they will disappear.

As I’ve consciously worked on myself a lot over the years, and jumped out of my comfort zone and taught meditation and other practices I’ve developed a clear picture of who I’m working with because I’ve asked, then allowed these beings to come close so that I can experience them and IF they feel right for me, I then work with them everyday.

This conscious connection includes leaving food and water for elemental BEings … leaving some areas of my yard wylde so the faery folk have places to live and bel. It includes when I’m doing meditation or healing work to invite my guides to be with me and at times to work through me as Goddess and the Star BEings doing so that the energies flow from them through me to whomever I am working with. It also includes being playful yet reverent with them .. I don’t take them for granted and I am truly thankful for their presence in my life.

My channeling for instance is the divine language of lovelight from the Goddess and / or Star BEings.l It’s Her or their vibrational sound frequency – in combination with my heart intent to be a crystal clear, grounded and pure channel – that facilitate these energies to flow and to be experienced as divine love / blessings / guidance and so on. Our heart intent to be of service for the highest good and with harm to none is very important in my truth in this work.

You can learn to bring your guides in by inviting them yourself and then noticing, paying attention, to who shows up. It really is that simple. To deepen your connectivity and experiences, tis then up to you to work with them consciously, mindfully and in heart centred ways every day.

If you doubt your ability to find your guides and supporters for this era of the Age of Aquarius, then you can also attend workshops and courses to learn how to do this. If you’re interested in following a shamanic way then I highly recommend that you find teachers who are heart centred and walk their talk .. personal recommendations can be useful, ditto your own intuitive instinct and those synchronicities where people, places and circumstances guide or lead you to a teacher who truly has your best interests at heart.

Ultimately though .. YOU are the guide, the key and the Guru for yourself and your journey because this era is about our autonomy as conscious BEings .. spirit in human form.

I encourage you to look into your mirror and invite your shining divine self to step forward. Breathe gently and stay grounded as your divine essence is revealed to your human self and feel the pure love flow.

Yes, it may take a few goes as our conscious minds can be very clever at thwarting our attempts to ‘own’ our true selves, and initially you may even be aware of other aspects of yourself flowing through first – so – stay strong and maintain your heart focus to experience your divine essence and feel the love flow. enJOY

if you’d like to book a Skype session with me for a reading or healing or counselling session you can find me at lynn.solang13

Blessings Lynn Solang Smith, BCA, Grad Dip Ed, Dip Body Psychotherapy, Cert Holistic Counsellor, Munay-ki Rites Teacher.

Mobile: 0421 864 909



Has doing the ‘right thing’ torn your life apart ~ establishing and maintaining Healthy Emotional Boundaries by Lynn Solang Smith

It never ceases to amaze me how the manipulations of emotionally abusive people can warp and twist the lives of those whom they supposedly ‘love’ and care for.

Their ‘targets’ are often those less fortunate them themselves in some way. This can include someone who is disabled or ill; or those of us with self-esteem issues or maybe even someone who’s desperate for love .. or had a traumatic childhood and don’t know how to discern between healthy love and emotional abuse.

Conversely, an emotionally abuser can be attracted to someone they deem as having something that they want … even if they’re unsure what that is .. they ‘sense’ the power in another and mistakenly believe that by controlling the person, they can acquire their power rather than developing skills and tools that will benefit them personally.

If you’ve ever been in an emotionally abusive relationship, or know of someone who has, you will be well aware how difficult it can be for an apparently otherwise strong, intelligent, creative person to become enmeshed in the abuser’s sticky energy web of power over. Typical emotional bullies seem to take great ‘delight’ and pride in speaking patronisingly to and about their partner, and putting down their partner in public. This erodes away the self-esteem of their target, like droplets of water do a rock. It’s subtle at first, and then it becomes a continual tirade until their partner is too exhausted emotionally and mentally to stand up to them.

And if you haven’t ever been in such a relationship be thankful .. because the allure of the perpetrator is so subtle and seductive, you can be taken completely unaware until suddenly you realise that you’re no longer in a happy healthy relationship and your efforts to escape … or to effectively communicate with your partner and co-create a healthy relationship – are eroded & rubbished before you’ve even begun. And when it’s really bad as with ‘Jane’ the individual is left feeling helpless and powerless unless they have strong advocates around who are able to help them to get out of the situation and receive support to establish and maintain clear healthy boundaries of self love and respect.

So how do you move out of such a relationship or help someone you love and care for to do so? You begin by recognising the traits common to most emotional abusers.

Here are the main keys or clues to identifying whether you, or someone you love, is in an emotionally abusive relationship:

  1. Being very ‘seductive’ and attentive in the initial stages of the relationship including wanting to be with you in whatever you’re doing apparently because they ‘love’ you.
  2. slowly the emotionally abusive person will isolate the object of their desire from her/his family, friends, loved ones and activities they enjoyed doing.
  3. since its all about control, emotionally abusive people are prone to jealousy which can manifest as very strong verbal abuse and emotional blackmail tactics to coerce their victim into feeling guilty, scared, intimidated, helpless etc.
  4. an emotionally abusive person treats their ‘target’ with disdain and lack of respect including: putting them down, damaging or stealing their property, undermining their dreams and goals, rubbishing their personal and / or spiritual values.
  5. Is fully into self-victimization and points the finger of blame at everyone else who apparently ‘made ‘me’ do it’ .. the world is against them etc etc.
  6. Emotional abusers refuse to get counselling or help as they prefer to externalise the issues in their lives rather than taking ownership & responsibility for themselves, their behaviour and attitudes.

As a shamanic psychotherapist and holistic counsellor, I would encourage anyone who’s in an emotionally abusive relationship to be brave, take the steps to get support from family, friends, counsellors and/or your local GP to get you started on the process of removing yourself and your property from the person who’s controlling your life.

Learn skills and techniques [and there are many fabulous and relatively simple strategies you can learn] that help you to discern what’s your ‘stuff’ and what’s ‘theirs. Also receiving guidance from a qualified professional helps you to release yourself from the emotional &/or mental issues which led to your vulnerability.

Once you begin to differentiate between healthy and abusive power games and to recognise when and why this relationship shifted power, you can, and will become, the leader of your own destiny – strong and sure of yourself, and without the need for external approval to validate your sense of self-worth and self-love.

YOU are WORTH it …

Blessings Lynn Solang Smith, BCA, Grad Dip Ed, Dip Body Psychotherapy, Cert Holistic Counsellor, Munay-ki Rites Teacher.

Mobile: 0421 864 909



Asking Spirit to help you manage trust vs fear

The Bene Gesserit Litany against Fear

I must not fear

Fear is the mind-killer

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration

I will face my fear

I will permit it to pass over me and through me

And when it is gone past

I will turn the inner eye to see its path

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing

Only I will remain.

[‘Dune’ by Frank Herbert [Pg 19]

This is such a rich juicey topic that my mind is having a field day going here there and everywhere to answer. Since part of my passion is connecting and supporting others in connecting consciously with Spirit/Goddess its easy for me to get all fired up and passionate about where to begin.

So, first up, to heartfully consciously connect with this pretty passionate and wylde tendency within me, I stop myself. Then I ensure that I am focussed, ‘in tune’ [connected to my intuition], and open to being clear with Spirit on how to answer. To do this, I consciously stop my mind from wandering and wondering by grounding myself and trusting that I will receive clear guidance from Spirit that I can discern because it feels right and is uplifting and inspiring and encouraging and supportive.

Grounding helps me to focus on here and now: to feel my body, to put my feet on the ground and connect to Mother Earth and to breathe deeply of Her sweet breath. This helps me to become present to myself. To be still and then to tune in to my inner wyse voice, which is also known as celestial or divine essence, higher self, source, the silent observer.

When I can feel that I’m grounded and connected .. present to NOW, then I ask the Goddess to help me get an overview and a microview of what I can feel building creatively within myself. For me, when I’m receiving some type of creative inspiration like when I have a brilliant flash for a painting or a blog article or a workshop or a course I’d like to offer – my mind darts off all over the place on different tangents. This gift has come about because I am able to think and conceptualise on different levels or planes of awareness at the same time. And I am able to receive the ways and where and how’s that this will happen because I have learnt to get out of the way and allow Spirit to guide me in all kinds of ways, known and unknown.

My time as an Art Teacher brainstorming ideas with students, then as an academic University researcher, means that my mind is very quick at seeking out all kinds of potentials & solutions for my project. Sometimes it’s too quick, too busy and then my inner ego voice might cut in telling me I’m not good enough, who do I think I am to even dream I could do this?? and blah blah blah. .. you get the picture. I know when I am on the right path because I can feel it ‘in my gut’ and my heart feels like its swelling with love and inspiration.

When I am fearful, doubting and getting in my own way, then I tune in to discovers what’s blocking me. I’ve learnt about what happens through my work as shamanic psychotherapist. When this aspect of my consciousness kicks in I become aware that my inner distorting filters and subconscious self-sabotage belief systems have been activated. Because I have done a lot of inner work to meet, work with and accept my emotional wounds and belief patterns – which is also called working with the shadow self – I can usually identify where & when these stem from. Mostly they are emanating from my lower or ego self which does NOT at any cost, want me to succeed. After all, who am I but some ordinary and insignificant woman .. why would any one want to listen to me, buy my art, attend my courses??

This shadow self is the ‘wounded’ part that has taken on a whole range of beliefs, emotional triggers and masks based on misperceptions formed over our lifetime. How many of us have had parents and/or teachers, siblings or others tell us as young children that we ‘shouldn’t do [something] …’ that our schoolwork is ‘poor’ or our handwriting ‘messy’ and ‘you couldn’t sing to save yourself’ or ‘you don’t have what it takes to be a champion’. Over time, we discover that we have gathered a whole library of inaccurate fears that become like hidden poisonous seeds located somewhere within ourselves & which, if out of control, play on relentlessly in circles in our minds. These inner seeds are commonly identified as: self sabotage, lack of self worth, lack of self love, poor me, and so forth.

When are about you start something new, embark on a new venture of some kind: anything from leaving school and working for the first time, to changing jobs, moving to a new part of the world, starting a new romantic relationship or simply living your life; these tricky little distorted seeds can suddenly germinate and begin their nasty destructive traits of overtaking your previous excitement and enthusiasm. You might find yourself doubting that you will ever achieve your dreams and ambitions. You question yourself and all your great ideas and hard work suddenly seem insignificant or worthless or unworkable.

This is when it’s important to know, love, accept and honour yourself well enough to recognise these inner limiting fears, distortion filters and doubts so that when they pop up – typically just as your about to launch your ‘wonder something’ out there – you are able to deal with them effectively. It’s equally valid and important to be self-loving enough that you are able to be brave and reach out for help, support, advice, a shoulder to lean and an objective yet friendly ear to ‘hear’ what’s going on for you. This is compassion, self love and self worth in action.

Since I’m basically an optimistic, wyldely creative and intuitive woman, I like to go on a voyage of inner and outer discovery to work out what’s going on when my ‘stuff’ pops up and my shadow self wants to undermine my achievements and my aspirations and visions for my business. Useful tools for me include processes like ‘removing the distorting filters’ which involves tapping on the high heart chakra whilst simultaneously saying aloud:

‘ REFRESH … RESTORE … RENEW … RECALIBRATE … RAISE THE FREQUENCY OF … AND CLEAN THE FILTERS FROM my ocular nerve. Remove all filters that are preventing me from seeing what I am meant to see.’ [as taught by shaman Jose Luis Stevens, PhD]

Or: ‘REFRESH … RESTORE … RENEW … RECALIBRATE … RAISE THE FREQUENCY OF … AND CLEAN THE FILTERS from my high heart chakra that prevent me from connecting directly with divine love, divine will and divine consciousness’

[as given directly to Lynn Solang by Spirit after a week of doing the above distortion clearing by Dr Stevens]

Another practice I love to use to ‘tune in’ within is automatic writing or doodling. To do this, simply sit quietly with a pen and notebook. Do some breaths to ground and still yourself. Then ask your inner Goddess/God a question about, or for some insights into your fears. Start with one query at a time and write it at the top of the page. Then take your pen for a walk across the page allowing it to meander wherever .. this is doodling .. let it flow without you consciously choosing where the pen will move to next.

After a while you will become ‘aware’ of a deeper presence within you. And that this presence is now the one moving your pen. And then a stream of consciousness will begin to flow as your query is answered, and a solution or guidance given. This may go on for a little while or it may be one word or two.

You will KNOW when it’s done.

And you will know that this is your higher or Spirit who’s answered you. This presence comes with an energy signature which feels different to your usual ‘knowing’ of yourself and your mind voice. It typically feels a bit weird at first cause we’re not used to consciously experiencing it. Once you have been touched by Spirit you will never ever forget. For it is love and loving.

If you’re not big on writing you can do the same thing at your computer. Type your question, breathe quietly and consciously as you focus on your query and then your hands will begin typing Spirit’s advice and guidance for you.

Another great way to ‘tune in’ for learn how to trust your inner voice is to use a deck of inspirational cards. Ask to be given one or two that will provide you with clarity on your blocks, the way forward etc. then shuffle and ‘hold’ your question in your heart mind as you do so. Usually 1 or 2 cards will drop out of the deck. Hold these cards and simply look at and feel them to begin with. Then ‘tune in’ … and notice what you ‘get’ what you ‘feel’ without actually reading whatever message might be written on the card. Then look at the images and colours. How do these make you feel?

Write down your responses. If you are feeling good, uplifted, encourage and inspired then there’s your clue that Spirit has answered you. If you have doubts or fears, your lower self has kicked in … and this is good awareness so that you learn to discern the voice and energy signature of Spirit compared to your own doubtful mind.

For those of us who aren’t confident about what the voice of our inner divine self is like my response … from my heart to yours, is that Its’ love. Pure and simple!

When your inner Spirit is talking with you, the overwhelming feeling and essence is love .. uplifting .. joyful .. pure energy. There is no fear, no doubts, no what If’s … no nagging or put downs. Always always our inner Spirit self is supporting us.

So, are you ready to embark on the magical mystery tour that is life and creating consciously with Spirit? Then let go of all the what if’s … the doubts .. the need to have every minute detail planned out to the nano second and surrender to the Great Mystery of Spirit who holds your best interests at Heart always. Allow the doors that need to close, to be closed so that new ones may open. Allow old patterns fears and doubts to be surrendered to the Silver Violet Flame which transforms and transmutes every fearful thing into trust, love and creativity.

I will leave you with another favourite inspirational quote which really touched my heart and soul:

Our Deepest Fear

by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear

Our presence automatically liberates others.

by Marianne Williamson
from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles,

Harper Collins, 1992. From Chapter 7, Section 3


Blessings Lynn Solang Smith, BCA, Grad Dip Ed, Dip Body Psychotherapy, Cert Holistic Counsellor, Munay-ki Rites Teacher.

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Earlier this year, I went through a huge energy shift and shed many skins or ‘old patterns and belief systems’ and life circumstances. During that journey I went to see a Spiritual Numerologist who led me to my new name: Lynn Solang Athenia Smith. My new name has brought me into alignment with my soul’s celestial light or essence. And now I am sharing my wisdom and experiences as I guide, support and encourage others seeking to explore and understand all aspects of themselves in deeper ways through Shamanic pathways and journey work.

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Lynn Solang is an Artist, Reiki/Seichem Master, Munay-ki Rites Teacher, Art Teacher, Creative Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Shamanic Psychotherapist and Holistic Counsellor. She does intuitive channelled Tarot Readings and creates personal Spirit Guide drawings and paintings.

She honours the Goddess and Indigenous ancestors of Mother Earth and facilitates healing circles guided by them bringing the Divine Feminine Energies back into balance across Mother Earth.