the alchemical magic of sacred sounds and scents

Rainbow Labyrinth offers The Alchemy of Sacred Sounds & Scents to heal and/or uplift your Soul:

Sacred sounds and scents have been used for millennia in transformative healing practices. They are uplifting whether you are seeking something to soothe your everyday life, uplift your Soul or to assist you in finding your sacred heart song and inner sonic vibration. When combined with sacred oils, herbs and essences your experience is transformed through the power of the alchemical responses invoked by the intuitive use of these elements of healing and uplifting.

These journeys can be both healing experiences [for your energy fields, aura, chakras, emotions, thoughts, and belief patterns etc; and/or personal empowerment sessions:

~ Drum Bath sacred sound healing sessions using the high vibrational energies and sounds of the medicine/shaman drum [and rattle] to heal, clear and cleanse your energy fields and lift your vibration.

~ Crystal Bowls emit powerful sonic vibrational waves of energy that gently move through your body helping to clear your energy fields to be cleared, enabling you to relax you, uplift and realign – experiencing a Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion healing is a wonderful gift to yourself if you want to feel light and clear and free.

chakra and auric field clearing with the use of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls & bells, Ting-sha’s and crystal tuning forks.

~ Feather Clearing for the Soul: personal chakra and auric field clearing with the use of a feather and sacred herbs & oils such as Grandfather Sage, Palo Santo, Egyptian chakra oils &/or therapeutic grade essential oils.


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