working with your inner guide … your divine essence

working more deeply with the Divine within

.. means opening to the messages that we all receive in some way shape or form every day .. it means OWNING THAT YOU and I ARE PSYCHIC

.. that everyone has these beautiful gifts to some degree or other .. and if we’re not so aware of them, its probably because for one reason or another, we shut them down as a child

… for instance, in my case, i was told things like ‘its just a bad dream’ or ‘its your imagination’ because my parents weren’t encouraged or taught to work with their gifts

… i encourage you to get to know the REAL YOU better by spending some time each day ‘tuning in’ … are you more strongly clairvoyant [clear seeing] or clairaudient [clear hearing] or clairsentient [clear knowing] or do you get your messages via taste .. scent .. feeling

.. play a little and see what unfolds as you begin to trust and work with the inner divine eternal YOU                 believe 2


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