Rainbow Labyrinth Shamanic Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling

Rainbow Labyrinth Shamanic Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling, in Gleneagle, Qld


are the keys to:


Shamanic Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling sessions offer you the opportunity to turn your life around by viewing it from new perspectives and insights. Using an holistic approach our sessions together enable you to utilize and embrace all aspects of yourself: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts in an integrated, or whole, way because we work together using these new insights and perspectives to support you to reach your potential by tapping into and honouring your inner wisdom [intuition]. Shamanic Body Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling assists you to accept, heal and honour all of yourself and your life experiences. This enables you to become more joyful as your self-awareness is acknowledged and utilized to help you vision your life in ways that are uplifting and meaningful to you.

Lynn is a Shamanic Psychotherapist / Holistic Counsellor who uses a variety of healing techniques & processes to assist you to heal yourself. These modalities include: Holistic Counselling and Shamanic Psychotherapy, Munay-ki, Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT], Reiki, Seichem and Ka Runa, Sonic Healing [using song, toning, drums, gongs, crystals, crystal bowls, toning and rattles]; Quantum Touch.

Shamanic Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling Fees: $80 for hour, $110 for 1½ session, $140 for 2 hours.

to make a booking, you can contact Lynn via:

Rainbow Labyrinth website: http://lynnasmith2002.wix.com/rainbow-labyrinth

~ via private msg on fb:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rainbow-Labyrinth/120413878013991

~ mob: 0421 864 909  0421 864 90

~ email: lynnasmith2002@hotmail.com

~ landline: 07 5541 3360 Image07 5541 3360


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Labyrinth Shamanic Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling

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  2. Gael Nicholson

    Congratulations on your launch Lynn, wishing you much success and abundance as well as healing and upliftment for your clients. ❤

  3. Helen

    Luv this piece if writing Lynn and l luv tyour Blog! Congratulations on sharing your amazung talents and gifts with the world 🙂


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