Shamanic dreaming Shamanic BEing … pathwork to self-empowerment & understanding


For me, one of the most wonderful things, the greatest joys, of walking the shamanic pathways is this huge inner knowing that finally, I have reconnected with my ‘tribe’ – my ‘indigenous heritage’. From this space, I follow spiritual heart truths that resonate with me. Inner and outer journeys which I find uplifting & enriching as they enable me to be at peace and one with Goddess/Spirit, Mother Earth, all beings and myself.

Through my experience of shamanic practice I am empowered to move at my pace, to be who and what I am 24 hours per day, without all the judgement, rules, all the squishing of feelings/emotions, and other forms of suppression and oppression that typify many religious and conformist societal practices.

Within my shamanic experience I am REAL and NOW .. I am who I am in each moment. There is such freedom in this.

Walking the shamanic path keeps me grounded and in touch with the everyday, yet it also allows me to go deep within to access the sacred spaces where the dreaming of this world can truly enhance my experience of life.

I have found that the more grounded I am, the more aware I become of the myriad forms of consciousness around me: trees, rocks, clouds, birds, animals, plants, trees … and the elements of earth, air, fire and water … the more I understand that we humans are just one of the many forms of children of the Earth and that we have so much to learn from these other beings.

As I consciously walk my shamanic path [which for me is as a mystic shawoman], the more accessible & deeply experienced are my connections with my beloved Mother Earth, and the environment around me. My life experience is enhanced and enriched through my practice and interaction with my garden, a walk at the beach or sitting next to a waterfall, observing clouds, splashing in the rain or playing with my puppy.

This isn’t new agey ‘airy fairy’ stuff .. this is REAL and its very very ancient. Many other Indigenous folk around the world have known this for 1,000’s of years. Patiently and wisely they have continued to uphold the living and unlimited potential of shamanic experience to protect, heal, guide and teach their communities in caretaking Mother Earth. More recently, Westerners and other folk who have lost their way, lost their connections to the Wheel of Life and living a meaningful life have found themselves looking to these folk to guide us home, to show us what is real and what is illusion and confusion.

We have sought out these teachers, as for many of us in western culture our indigenous shamanic traditions were stolen from us 2000 years ago! We lost so much with the coming of religious/political structures & doctrines that were not our own. Many of us were persecuted and executed for following the old ways that honoured all life on Earth, and Earth herself as a living being.

Today, thankfully, we are rediscovering & reclaiming our shamanic integrity – with the very welcomed help of traditional peoples who are reaching out to help us remember how to connect to the helper beings that are all around us, and reclaim our right to work directly with the divine which is present in all things since we are all related. As we have emerged ourselves deeper into this reconnection with life and living on very visceral terms, we have concurrently developed and enhanced our connections with our spiritual allies and guides from this plane of existence, and the other realms. I offer my heartfelt thank you’s to all the Elders and Indigenous folk who are providing such great guidance, patience and encouragement at this time. I am honoured to walk the Beauty Way with you as my teachers, friends and guides.

I love the freedom and ‘ah ha’ ness of exploring the paths of the shamanic dream in deeper and deeper ways .. here is the space to be able to reconnect to experiences of power animals and other spiritual friends first encountered in early childhood and my teens … to finally come to understand experiences that were ‘scary’ at the time because no one in my family knew that if a great big shark was swimming around my bed [when i was 3 years old] that it wasn’t there to terrify me as a ‘nightmare’ rather my shark friend was there as a very powerful helper spirit to protect, guide and watch over me. similarly, in recent years the presence of the ‘big cats’ & bear who prowl around me, and walk beside me are ‘confirmed’ by folk who don’t know me well yet can see these animals with me and perhaps even within me .. because i can and do shapeshift ….

Shamanic work is a wonderful way to be of service to this great planet and all who live here … its the way of directly experiencing the divine and offers us this huge potential to work together to heal and protect this Mother Earth in  trust for those who follow on after we have gone to the other side. blessings Lynn.

Shamanic Psychotherapy, Holistic Counselling & meditation connect you in profound ways to a deep STILL place within. Through thoughtful and mindful compassion, my work can be a key to enabling you to touch serenity in a very grounded space with nature and the world around you.

Why not take a walk / Imagesession with me and let’s see what inner beauty and wisdom we can discover for you from your wise inner self!



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